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The AP Wireless solutions have been created to provide teams and video analysts with a portable option for easily creating their own independent wireless network. Lots of sports video analysis software, like Nacsport, enable you to share your video and data with other devices. This keeps your coaches and players well informed during matches and training.

The AP Wireless solutions include a router, tripod, and network booster, providing you with a wireless connection to your devices over a large range. With a line of sight between the booster and your devices, you can easily share video and data at high speeds to the bench to enhance in-game reviews.

AP Wireless is trusted by many professional teams and used in a variety of stadiums all over the world. To name just a few (click the links to see AP Wireless in action with these teams), we have been used by:

FA WalesScottish FAEngland Rugby League, Norwich City FC, Gloucester RugbyASM Clermont AuvergneCastleford TigersTipperary GAA, Donegal GAA, the National Cycling Centre and many more!

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With focus on specific sports, the Nacsport courses cover every aspect of the software and tools available, allowing you to get the most out of Nacsport and improve your team's performance.



Read some of our case studies to understand how our clients are taking full advantage of analysis solutions.


Learn more about the benefits of video analysis by watching back our webinars and interviews with analysts in the field.

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